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Job interview...

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 26, 2014, 9:27 AM
Hi All how was your bank holiday weekend?... and if it wasn't a bank holiday where you live... I hope you had a nice regular weekend! 
I am expecting a phone call i about... 5 minutes... the phone call will be a job interview! Part time in a call centre, the call centre my Boyfriend works in... it would be great if I can get it, more money for canvases, meet some people (I have a tiny tiny social life) ad just a new experience!... I will update this journal to say how it went... 

For now... I hope everyone is happy ad enjoying them selves! 

:heart: TO :heart: BE :heart: BE :heart: UPDATED :heart:

:star: UPDATE!! :star: 

I GOT THROUGH TO THE SECOND STAGE!! :party: yaaaaaaaay

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If you could like & share my new facebook page that would mean the world to me :heart: here is the link:…
These are the main places I post my art of you follow me on these websites I will be sure to follow back I love communicating through creative sites :)


Or for more direct contact regarding commissions or interest in working together:

And of course here in Da. I am regularly active on these sites, and my email.


I'm A Mummy!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 25, 2013, 10:41 AM

Hi all! wow babies sure keep you busy!!

:star: Baby Nate is 4 months old now! :star:

we started him on puree food today he is
 doing great!

I have some work to upload shortly.

How is everybody here on DA?


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One Week To Go!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 5, 2013, 3:25 AM
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Hey everyone! so, ironically, my time in uni has caused me to do less painting than before i started uni! but my three years of studying is coming to an end now and i have been back on the painting addiction ^_^ i really want to get back on track with DA and upload regularly again.

Also, some nice news!
:star: drum roll... :star:
:heart: i'm having a baby! :heart:
this seems to have really put me back in the art frame of mind weirdly!

i think i have spent too long fretting about what people with different tastes to me think of my pictures... took me too long to realise i shouldn't care! today i got challenged with the question i have had thrown at me throughout most of my time at uni:

'is what you do really art?... it's more illustration...'

well... is illustration not art? does it even matter?! can't i just paint what i want because i want to paint it?

unfortunately... i feel like uni wan't the right direction for me to take. But it was a learning curve and i learned it wasn't my cup of tea.

Anyway. Hope everyone is ok! and those of you studying i hope it is going well for you.
And hopefull i will get my gallery back on track very soon! :meow:

Take care
Lots of Love
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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 5, 2012, 3:14 AM
Note me

Hi everyone :heart:

so i just moved house ^_^ which leaves me without my own internet for a little while..  
but i hope everyone is doing ok :heart:
i'll be back online soon :hug:
lots of love and tea

A Website that may interest you

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 4, 2012, 6:02 AM
Note me

Free online portfolio:

Now... im going to disappear back into packing up and cleaning my house in
preparation to move -_-


somebody make me a cup of tea! please!

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Journal Entry: Fri Jun 22, 2012, 5:28 AM

I'm going to experiment with graphite pencils today o.O wish me luck...

Also.. i require a little help in my plans for my big uni project next year.. basically
when i say "iconic Japanese films" ... what coms to mind?

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I Want An Etsy Shop....

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 21, 2012, 8:23 AM

Oh how i would like to have a shop on ... I i set it up about 80% i think but i'm rubbish at setting things up... if anybody can give me a few pointers on setting up a Paypal for my etsy it would be so much appreciated i just confused myself -__-

You might have noticed i changed my username :meow:

I hope everybody is doing ok :meow:
i'm just about to do some painting! :party: i should really be cleaning my house in preparation for moving out soonish... but... *insert poor excuse here* i have no excuse -__- i just hate cleaning.

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ok well Uni is haha... until the new year starts in September. So i am making a pact with myself


it's kind of a late new years resolution........

also... i know i made a blog before but i couldn't work it! ... i have learnt now... so heres my blog feel free to visit... and follows will be returned! :meow:

Love DA :heart:
I hope everyone is doing ok
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He there everyone, i have not had chance to be on DA much i hope to return to it soon but in the mean time if you would like to keep in contact we could add one another on facebook, i did not use to use it much but i have been lately. let me know in a comment if you would like to and i will send you a message so we can add one another.

Love :heart:
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Hi hi :meow: i have had a crzy couple of weeks... and still no scanner... but when i do get one i can't wait to update my gallery!!!!!

Sad times, lost a couple of great pets :/ R.I.P lovely Guinea Pigs Trevor and Terrance... :heart:

I think i need a hug :hug:

Also uni been driving me crazy... the way i draw... seems to get some mixed/negative reactions from my tutors... i have been worrying myself thinking maybe i should change it if i want better grades but i can't! i'd feel like i was selling out :P as silly as that may sound.... if they don't like it well... thats up to them :/ i'll just be myself and hope for the best! :party:

Tomorrow we have life drawing which i am intrigued by! when i get a scanner i will probably upload whatever i may get from the session :meow:

I hope everyone is ok! sorry for being away for so long i hate not having a scanner :(

Lots of love
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I really really do.............. ...........
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... Mind made up... i don't want a new profile... i love it here haha i have lovely friends...  never mind me in my previous journal i think i was just having a bad week and a complete art block... feeling like a new start would help.... but that was silly talk :/

I am excited for the next project i will be working on with my friend Becky, a photography/video project. A fairy Tales project. these will be ongoing for some time. Also new painitings soon and to people who are waiting on me for certain things i promise, be with yuo very very soon! :blowkiss:

I have decided... this will be my 'work hard' year... and i realise i don't need a new start to do that. I am proud of my ud0n DA :party: and so greatful for the lovely friends here :heart:

Take care and i hope everyones new years has started well :iconsweethugplz:
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Just a contemplation... my drawing style has changed quite a lot... there seems to be a few glitches on this profile... i can't edit my gallery or anything the options arent there... but thats not really the reason... just i was thinking of a fresh start with my new paintings and a more serious attitude haha of thats possible...thats my new years resolution... work harder... towards building a career as an illustrator/painter... iv just been a little thoughtful i would enjoy a new start with a new attitude...

so would you follow me to a new profile?
Its just a consideration at the moment... i made it but i don't know if iam sure abot using it.

p.s. bad day...  i need a hug :hug:
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HEY EVERYONE! IT HAS BEEN CHRISRMAS FOR A WHOLE HOUR! MERRY CHRISTMAS! :iconsanta-plz: :iconsnowman-plz: :iconpresentplz: :iconchristmastreeplz:

Hope everyone has a nice day and gets lots of lovely presents and eats lots of lovely food haha...

I plan on staying up all night watching movies... no christmas eve sleep for me!!

Take care and have fun

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it keeps looking like it is about to snooow... i want to build a snow man but i don't want the transport to stop... whats more important?... access to shopping and civilisation?... or snowman?... i think i know the obvious answer... :iconsnowman-plz: ...

In other news! i keep listening to this band Animal Circus :heart: quickly becomming my favourite band eevveeerrr you should listen too! :la:

Animal Circus:

in sad news... someone stole my wheelibin :(

Hope everyone is getting ready for christmas! :party:
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Hello everyone! as you ay see i have some new pictures however i feel so sad i don't have scanner so my apologies for the poor quality of the images they are photographs which didn't turn out so great... when i get a scanner i will update them with better quality images...

Unfortunatly i had to leave my finished paintings in uni, they were too heavy to take home... so i don't have photographs of them yet but soon! ... for now i have only have my sketches and doodles to show, i feel a little embarassed that after such a long time with no uploads the work i have to show is not my best :/ but i just wanted to share something finally haha
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Hello everyone! i fune myself in uni with some spare time to internet! ¬____¬ coz my bus was late and i missed my class but thats ok! DA is better than what i had lined up for me anyway! :heart: i hope everyone is ok, i get my own internet at home in about 2 weeks time, so i'll be back to normal and have quite a bit to upload :meow:

i am currently working on my uni project of illustrating childhood games and imagination... it's different... all very bright and colourful i was trying something i dont usually work with but i think i prefer working with tea and muted tones :meow: it's fun anyway!

i hope everyones doing ok, and i am so sorry for my lng time away :(

Miss Yoou :heart:

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